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John Byrne "Shaba"


Regular wellness massages promote well-being. It is effective stress management and preventive measure that improves productivity. With the aim of addressing chronic and acute pain associated with office work, wellness massages improve overall contentment of employees.

What you can expect

Massages will be given in a soothing environment with music and a pleasant aroma. All massages are performed on a massage table. Clients can choose from an oil massage (undressing the upper part of the body) or a clothed massage. The primary focus is on the neck and shoulder, with scalp and hands and arms or other specific areas on a case by case basis according to the needs of the client.

This experience leaves them energized and relaxed.


On one day I will perform min. 4 – max. 12 massages at 22 min hands on, two massages per hour, with a 30 min break after 3 hours.

The company will provide a list of the clients for the day and the starting time. The starting time can be from 9 am – 1 pm.

A private room for the massage and storage for the massage table will be provided by the company. I provide the table and everything needed for the massages.

Clients are insured by my Haftpflichtversicherung. 

Price22 min Massage   27,50 €*