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John Byrne "Shaba"

deep tissue massage , mobile massage and full body massage

My treatments are tailored to your individual needs. In addition to mindfulness-based manual therapy, a detailed assessment of the causes of your symptoms and physical exercises can be used. Together we explore the deeper - often hidden - mechanisms that lie behind the symptoms. Upon request, I will give you practical recommendations and healing exercises for at home that will help you improve your holistic wellbeing. My treatments stimulate the self-healing powers of your body. I work with methods like Myofsciales Release, Trigger Point Release, Tui-Na - to name a few. 

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My treatments are adapted to your needs, and in addition to mindfulness-based manual therapy, they can involve comprehensive assessment, education, and recommendations for self-care activities and remedial exercises to enhance your overall wellbeing. I provide treatments that support and vitalize your body's own healing, rebalancing mechanisms. Utilizing techniques from Myofascial Release, Classical Massage, Trigger Point Release, and Tui-Na - just to name a few. We discover and address the deeper - often underlying - mechanisms that lead to symptoms of imbalance.

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deep tissue massage , mobile massage and full body massage

Integrative massage  

Focusing on structure & function, a full body massage, with medium pressure that centers & invigerates 

Neck, Shoulder & Back Intense   

Concentrates on muscle spasms, connective tissues, tightness & range of motion to provide a thorough solution

Bhakti massage  

A deeply relaxing full body massage, with long flowing strokes relaxes the mind & body  

Classic Chinese massage 

Tui-Na, Shaitsu and Thai Massage on the table with loose clothing, a great choice to relieve pain & stiffness 


Time range: 60 - 120 minutes

my preferred contact method is 

 +49 16091603035